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    Social Media Management

    Social Media is the most cost effective way of introducing your product or service to a new market. It is the best way to reach your potential or existing clients, hear about their needs, build ongoing communication, and run successful promotion campaigns.We at Cormack Consultancy specialise in promoting your business through Social Media. Most importantly, we know how to help you target Central and Eastern European market: including Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and other countries. Did you know that apart from Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn or any other popular network, there are numerous other local Social Media platforms actively used by your potential clients? Did you ever hear about or Well, In Russia, Facebook has 5 million users, Vkontakte has over 60 million. In Latvia over 80% of the population belong to to learn more? Browse through our website or contact us directly via the online form, phone or e-mail.

    Get social. Grow faster.

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