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    Social Media Management

    Social Media is the most cost effective way of introducing your product or service to a new market. It is the best way to reach your potential or existing clients, hear about their needs, build ongoing communication, and run successful promotion campaigns.We at Cormack Consultancy specialise in promoting your business through Social Media. Most importantly, we know how to help you target Central and Eastern European market: including Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and other countries. Did you know that apart from Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn or any other popular network, there are numerous other local Social Media platforms actively used by your potential clients? Did you ever hear about or Well, In Russia, Facebook has 5 million users, Vkontakte has over 60 million. In Latvia over 80% of the population belong to to learn more? Browse through our website or contact us directly via the online form, phone or e-mail.

    Get social. Grow faster.

    Recent blogposts

    Know Your Online Influencers

    Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

    You get your business online, post high quality content and you have collected thousands of Facebook Fans and Twitter followers. Sounds great but why don’t your messages seem to engage? It is because the quantity does not really matter here. Your Fans need to be relevant to and interested in your niche. Second, they have [...]

    How to develop a successful Social Media campaign

    Posted on: June 30th, 2012 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

    We don’t have a choice in whether we do Social Media. The question is how well we do it. -Erik Qualman Since Erik Qualman clears up every business’s doubts on the necessity of social media, I’ll just start off with sharing some tips on how to do it successfully. In this article I’ll take you [...]

    The art of blogging

    Posted on: June 28th, 2012 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

    You create a blog, post high-quality content and yet it drives no traffic? Confusing? It isn’t really. You don’t necessarily have to be an artist to blog but you have to understand the art of successful blogging. All the little things matter when it comes to attracting people to your blog. The content will work [...]

    Facebook Lets You Edit… Something

    Posted on: June 25th, 2012 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

    Last Thursday Facebook introduced its users to a new feature – Comment Editing. I’m sure I’m not talking alone here when I say that sometimes in life we make mistakes on Facebook. We comment on people’s statuses in a rush or with our new touch screen smart phones which we don’t know how to use [...]

    Applications promise much, but do they have human intuition?

    Posted on: June 23rd, 2012 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

    In order to manage Twitter easily, many businesses as well as individuals take the advantage of special Twitter applications, which allow them to manage existing and find valuable new connections, schedule tweets, and monitor their influence. However, the usage of applications doesn’t mean that you will succeed; nevertheless, there are some “must-have” apps which will [...]