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What Goes Together Like Salt and Pepper in Blogging?

Posted on: November 15th, 2011 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

While Cormack Consultancy has been blogging for a couple of months already, we decided to write a blog post where we will summarize the most essential tips on blogging. In short, the two main things which should always go together are Content and Keywords. They say content is the king, which is undoubtedly true, but it is also important to get noticed in today’s huge amount of blogs. Thus, we will share some valuable advice on keywords management as well as content creation. First, let’s start with the content creation and more simple things like formatting:

  1. Make it scannable. Sadly, blog visitors almost never read the entire blog post! So make the job as easy for them as possible.
    1. Make lists
    2. Use formatting to draw attention to the main points!
    3. Heading and sub-headings
    4. Don’t bury your main point, express it in the first sentences of the blog post.
    5. On average, readers stay around 96 seconds in your blog. So the blog posts shouldn’t be long, otherwise you will scare people away, as no one wants to read tens and tens of text lines.
      1. Write at least 250 words, but not more that 1000
      2. The main thing: you should write enough to comprehensively cover your topic and then stop.
      3. Link Like Crazy: link your post with relevant web pages. Give reader some hints where else could he go after reading your post.

The more difficult part is to create a valuable content. The most important points  here are:

  1. Be useful to your reader. Identify the needs and wants of your target audience (by the way, Captain Obvious says that it requires deciding who is your target audience first J). Try to solve at least one of the needs with your blog.  And don’t write that “the key to losing weight is eating less and exercising more”.
  2. Write in a conversational personal manner, without being wordy.
  3. You need a GREAT headline
    1. 50/50 rule: spend half of your time writing, and half creating a headline
    2. 6 Useful questions to ask yourself about the headline.
    3. Make a research of the topic before writing! Maybe you will find something interesting, for example, the smell and taste of pizza can raise the sex drive in men.

 When you created your blog and have some 5-7 nice blog posts, it is important to ensure that not only your friends will read them, but also those people who google for the information related to your blog or business. So, you have to link your blog to the relevant keywords, and there is a magnificent tool which shows you what people actually do look for. Again, what would we do without good-old Google? Google AdWords Keyword Tool shows you the ideas for the keywords, as well as the amount of monthly global and regional searches (if you are interested in a specific region), and competition. Competition is the amount of advertizers bidding on each keyword relative to other keywords, i.e. how popular it is to use this keyword. Naturally, the more businesses use the particular keyword, the bigger chances you have to get lost among them. So try to chose the ones with lower competition, but still relevant. Here is what I got for Cormack Consultancy blog:

After you have carefully selected the keywords, you can turn to this excellent instruction by Social Media Examiner on how to install a needed plugin into your blog and enjoy being a SEO expert for your own business.

Maybe you have your own proven tips for successful blogging that you can share?


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