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Social media network which every hotel must have

Posted on: January 17th, 2012 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

TripAdvisor recently chose Tallinn as #1 destination in their “15 destinations on the rise”. So, maybe it could be nice to spend a weekend in Tallinn? Then we have to choose a hotel.

I have googled several hotels in Tallinn (by the way, Google Places were quite helpful here), and looked into their web pages and Facebook pages. While this should be already a “standard” social media tool, not every hotel had a Facebook page, even the most interesting ones, like “The Three Sisters”, which is situated in the heart of Tallinn medieval Old Town.

What was even more interesting is that none of the hotels took properly the advantage of Foursquare. Even if I found a lot of hotels listed there, all of them had a small number of “check-ins” and average number of check-ins for Mayors (meaning, those who check-in the most) was 2-3. We believe this is not right, and such place-based businesses like hotels should take the advantage of geotagging service like Foursquare. In short, geotagging is attaching geographical data to photos, videos, comments, etc. Meaning, this is the key feature of such services as Google Places and Foursquare. And all of them are very useful for the hotel business because of the following features:

  • People love games. So modern technology (Internet access in every phone) + the idea for a game = great opportunity for your business. In order to become Mayors and get discounts, people will check-in in a particular hotel if it offers a nice discount or present for a Mayor.
  • All people who checked-in into Foursquare become your brand ambassadors, passing on the recommendations to their friends and Twitter followers. If to take into account that Foursquare and TripAdvisor integrate with Facebook, then the potential audience becomes even bigger.
  • Geotagging allows attaching any kind of data to the geographical place. So encourage your guests to upload as many photos of your hotel as possible, so that potential visitors would have a better overview of your facilities. Of course, first you should ensure that everything is in perfect condition, and people do not write negative comments.
  • If your hotel is small and doesn’t offer the entertaining program in the evening or breakfast/dinner, then create relationship with the nearby jazz club or restaurant. In this way, you could direct your guests there, and they could get a small discount at the place, if they are Mayors, for example
  • Such services as Foursquare, TripAdvisor and GooglePlaces allow guiding consumers into sales funnel more gently. People don’t like to feel being pushed to buy a service; rather, they want everything to be their own choice. So give them this choice by engaging them into such kind of social games.

To keep up with social media development and to make it serve your business right, it is not enough only to update your Facebook page regularly. Businesses, especially with place-based services, should take advantage of such less well-known services like Foursquare, TripAdvisor, or GooglePlaces, which would give them more advantages over those who rely only on two main social media “giants” Facebook and Twitter.

By Kate.

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