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Social Media in Russia: different dimension again

Posted on: February 23rd, 2012 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

It seems like social media in Russia is a place for opposition to express its political views. And the closer it gets to the elections (4th of March), the more anti- and pro-Putin activity we see there. One of the most active platforms is of course blogosphere, where numerous bloggers from both sides attract thousands of readers. However, hackers from Anonymous have recently hacked the mailboxes of the 2 leaders from pro-Kremlin youth organization Rosmolodezh; and the leakage of emails revealed some unexpected facts about how the agiotage in blogosphere is being created. Kristina Potupchik, the press spokesman of the organization, was also responsible for attracting and remunerating people (simple users as well as quite famous bloggers) who wrote posts, comment, and discussions supporting the existing ruling party. Corruption also flourished there; judging by the content of emails which is now in the news, some people were complaining that they did not get any money, although it was planned in the budget. For example, blogger Ilya Varlamov should have been paid 400K Rubles (8.6K British pounds) for his 2 blog posts about Vladimir Putin and United Russia, but he didn’t get any money. However in the interview to BBC he claims that he never writes pro-government or “paid for” blog posts.

The opposition, however, uses social media more like a place to inform people about the upcoming protest events, as well as to inspire people to demand the fair election procedure during the 4th of March. The closest event will be on the 26th of February, when protestants plan to make a huge live circle around Kremlin. The web page is in Russian, unfortunately, but you can see the map which indicates the place where the protestants will stand. Here is an article from Moscow Times about the event.

Now it is about 1.5 weeks until the elections and we are really interested in how the events will develop further in social media as well as in official press.

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