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Stumbling across Stumble Upon

Posted on: February 13th, 2012 by Cormack Consultancy. No Comments

Have you ever used Stumble Upon? If not, I would recommend it. I would call it a social network for sharing, just like Reddit and Tumblr, but not for interactions. This is a place of inspiration and sharing your interests. I have been testing the network for a year, even before a major re-branding and face-lift in design, and I would say that this network fulfils its’ purpose perfectly.

Have you ever magically stumbled upon an awesome site in the Internet that you really enjoyed? Do you remember the feeling of miracle? In Stumble Upon you can do this magic with one click!

The system works this way – you set up your Stumble in 3 easy steps:
1. You create an account (you can even skip adding you personal data)
2. You browse through a huge list of interest, highlighting only the ones that you are interested in (and believe me the list is very detailed – you can find anything from cooking to artificial intelligence)
3. You press STUMBLE

And the bottomless Internet is here under control of your fingertips. At the moment you are interested solely in sites about Social Media? No problem, choose the needed interest and you will surf only on the sites that are filtered by this topic. You really like the site and want to read it later? Just press “Like” (yeah, exactly like in Facebook) and the site will be added to favorites for later reading. Basing on your likes and dislikes your personal interests and ‘Stubbled’ preferences are created – the system makes sure that you Stumble only on the resources you truly enjoy.

After the update, the system became more complicated. The interest to SU rocketed, and the number of sites and interests that were in the databases grew significantly. Today Stumble Upon became one of the standard Social Media Networks that you may see in the blogs next to Facebook and Twitter.


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